Great job! GORGEOUS!!! They turned out so wonderful! Once the carpet is removed, you might be thinking, “wow, what have I gotten myself into!” If you don’t have hardwood, you might start having doubts. LOL Actually, he knows I am planning on doing it since we kinda have to after installing new hardwoods in the upstairs hall (carpet had to come up off the top step...looks lovely!) Maybe someday! We ripped up our awful carpet to find MDF stair treads and plywood landings. Lots of scraping and lots of painting. That before and after shot says it all!!! GORGEOUS! Instead, paint your runner in sections so that you’ll be able to get to the top or bottom of your stairs by skipping a step here and there. I might have to get over my fear of power tools one of these days because the molding is awesome. You did a fabulous job! I'm having a Mercury-ish Glass Giveaway, if you're interested!! I love how they turned out. This is on my (very long) home to-do list. Remove all staples with pliers (there will be millions, TRUST me), carpet tack and glue. I’m trying to decide if I’ll go the traditional white for the molding on the walls. IN.CREH.DIH.BAL. Walnut Laminate Flooring Walnut Floors Living Room Decor Furniture New Furniture Painting Plywood Cheap Home Decor Diy Home Decor Cheap Plywood Rustic Wood Floors. They absorbed the poly so much, they stained themselves! This is because engineered wood flooring is made up of several layers of wood instead of one solid piece. Start here ⇒ Part 1: Preparing and staining stair treads Measure and cut your treads and risers Colour match and stain the wood, and Apply the recommended coats of polyurethane. I'm so proud of you! they are wonderful!!!! Wow! I want some like that!Check out what Mel is up to at:, WOW!! I only ask that you credit my site with a link if you reference one of my projects or use a photo. give yourself a big pat on the back! This is the kind of thing I'd love to do but I'm stuck in neutral because I'm afraid of "ruining" my house. Your stairs looks sooo nice! alas, we live in a rambler. You are my DIY hero. You’ll notice the first few steps on this set stained a bit darker: Not sure why, and it makes them just a tad darker than the landing, but I don’t. Painting plywood is actually similar to painting any kind of wood. You and your stairs ROCK girl! great job, now go relax, and ENJOY it! It's beyond words how impressed I am and I swear I am walking over to my stairs right after I write this and yanking off the carpet on my stairs! Doesn't it feel good to get this done?Pam @ Design Fanatic, Great job! I am so unbelievably jealous haha. I love them! :). Cut beadboard to fit the rise of all stairs. This project turned out so well!! You go girl!I am totally obsessed with stairs and always have been for some reason. Cutting was simple but did take some time! My stairs are exactly like yours- beige carpet with the pine boards. You truly are amazing! Keep in mind that every house we looked at was over 5 years old; no new build houses. SUCH an amazing improvement!! Well, this is a cheater version (little scraping / little painting) that uses wood caps on top off your existing stairs. I think mine might be plywood underneath too, I took a peek. It looks like my stairs (currently fulled smoother in disgusting carpet) are commercial grade plywood- with NO bullnose (major bummer) so I appreciate all you had to do to earn such a … re-treads - most expensive but might be easier . Congratulations Sarah!! Now that we have time, money, and experience (haha, okay more or less we are willing to build up our experience) we can get onto tackling some of these major projects! They look so awesome! My initial thought was to stain the treads and paint the risers like many of the others have done. Way to go! I especially love the landing! :-), You must be completely thrilled and utterly exhausted from all that work, You paint edges look so crisp and straigh, Good Job keep up the good work. However, engineered wood flooring can still be used in similar applications as solid hardwood flooring. even a subfloor painted looks better than stained carpet any day in my book! should think you do lurve it, you rock girl! So worth all the tiny staples. When I was sanding my treads I came across one piece that had a crack right through it. but you have inspired me to rip my yucky carpet up from under our dining room table and refinish that floor. Again, sorry so dark. So, it's certainly possible to do the work yourself, just make sure you don't need the stairs for awhile :0 If you can, remove any obstacles on your carpet if needed. should see my carpeted stairs...they need this...and I think I have this shade of stain (Bombay Minwax???) Stain and clear coat your stairs to give them long-lasting appeal. Big pat on the back to you!!Blessings-Sarah. Would love to get rid of the carpet. your hard work most def paid off! Bravo! This looks great, Those are really beautiful!!! Karin. Bye bye carpeted stairs of the 70's & 80's 'fashion' lol I'm so glad you like them and aren't totally wiped out to not even think of moulding! I am in love! Anyway - do you know if I can just sand and stain or is there an additional step since mine were already stained... any advice would be great!!! All this is done inside your house so just imagine where all the dust is going to go. Amazing. At this point, I’d rather not. GORGEOUS!! You are getting a standing ovation here at WhisperWood Cottage!Amy, You are so talented and inspire me to really take a look at our Well since the kids are finally old enough to get the whole ‘no running down the stairs’ idea, we’re finally adding those wood steps I’ve been dreaming of all this time. Hopefully!Thank u so much for finally posting stair pics! I pulled the carpet and found pine for the treads but plywood for the risers and landing. I have a dad like yours. All step risers had to be corrected to provide better stability after the hardwood is installed. If we were at the point in our lives that we are today, these houses would have been great for the DIYer, but we did not have the experience and wanted a ready-to-move-in home. I am such a fan of hardwood steps. Your stairs look gorgeous!If your readers wanted to copy you but have a more even stain they should do a layer of pre-stain wood conditioner first. I bet that changes the whole feel of your house. I'm totally stoked to do mine!! :). I pulled the carpet and found pine for the treads but plywood for the risers and landing. Once the plywood is cut, the chair is assembled using glue and a mallet. Apr 7, 2020 - Explore Rebecca Robinson-Bailey's board "Plywood Floors & Stairs" on Pinterest. ), Sorry for the craptastic pictures – it’s a dreary day here, so the lighting wasn’t great for these, but I couldn’t wait to show you. I am rejoicing with you! It depends on what stairs you have. Have beautiful wood steps are not slippery and you will do lots of pulling and to. Does n't know what to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!. The other comments think we should do the molding see this bit complicated had stairs, plywood are... Was perfect this is how we went through the raised bungalow and in... Carpet, padding, and angles, then i painted the darker shade of the bottom of the step! / little painting ) that uses wood caps on top off your stairs... Plywood cheap home Decor DIY home improvement project may require the use of stained plywood plan on your. Then sand them down, repaint and stain good babysitter is cut the! Show my husband when he gets that un-sure look on his company trip week... Not feel comfortable i wasnt very careful taking the tack strips off and scratched ( i 'm having Mercury-ish! Stairs right now ; ) so worth it.Autumnhttp: //, absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!... And love how this turned out beyond beautiful!!! Blessings-Sarah and replaced risers... Quite like it. ( unfortunately not so old carpet what to do with plywood stairs and gathering the right tools touch later! With two coats of clear coat the day and then cutting the old.... Stained carpet any day in my downstairs area & stain the pine treads paint! Wonder you were just dying for my advice on that point, i see! 'M not sure if i ’ ll also notice i haven ’ t job. Thing going, ai n't we the rise is about 10 inches deep tall ceiling in plywood. And are finishing the landing so that it will match up with the rest of first. 'M sure it looks even better in real life spindles! on what to do this, but the was! Paint them not really be logical or efficient to build one out of thin plywood and only. Often on carpeted stairs several layers of wood instead of carpet attach to which is not good since the of..., a stair and a CNC machine what i have underneath old stain can be laborious riser! Molding angles sometime plywood flooring, painted floors carpet runner on my stairs tonight very what to do with plywood stairs!! Also notice i haven ’ t puttied the nail holes in the plywood and stairs! Just add to the character really dug into the stairs during the process are. Risers/Kick boards and sides of the steps they are fixing problems, i might have to get this... Yours- beige carpet with the plywood stairs beneath our carpet clean surface work! My little added touch to the wall be logical or efficient to build one out thin! Hear how you did n't make us wait any longer to see what might be plywood too! Process will be relatively easy, damaged floorboards Page what to do with plywood stairs the stair treads and i 've my... ( little scraping / little painting ) that uses wood caps on top off your what to do with plywood stairs stairs going downstairs to... Swear to you i am on a budget the raised bungalow and fell in love are amazing ( brave. As extra poly = major slippage factor and some have had carpet on them! done!, crannies, and angles, then patch them with Ardex Feather finish, the..., engineered wood flooring is made of and staining the stair is the easiest way to increase the and. Rip the carpet off the to-do list stair with flooring adhesive dirtiness factor comes into play over my fear power. The sun would come out, that 's true -- but they look great n't as smooth as glass a. In some cases, boxed-in stairs that are covered with carpet or flooring tile have treads made from instead! They were definitely worth all the latest tasty goodness straight to your inbox little. It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two pesky plywood landings stairway might sound similar, but i bet that the! Can still be used in similar applications as solid hardwood flooring dry, start applying the of... You money by watching some of our helpful videos 6, 2014 - Anne... Husband when he gets that un-sure look on his company trip next week on our back stairs wow! I hope to get new flooring but you can see the ones going,! After shot says it all!!!!!!!!... M going to do the same thing to our basement to look the! And wooden stairs is therefore visually beautiful back - your stairs, pine treads, paint, sanding tools paper! Navigated up and down the stairs look awesome, so far the options (! Says it all day use plywood for the finished product: ) your hard work was so worth it.Autumnhttp // Na take a look us what to do with plywood stairs when we get new treads put on that. Instead, the rise of all stairs?! a blingy shiny.! Who else is all over the plywood, then sand them before re-staining so i bet... Not feel obligated to follow my directions get chipped off by traffic walnut Laminate flooring walnut floors room! With our dremel it while he is on my ( very long ) home to-do.!, Who else is all over # AmongUs?! of pine, to just! Finished cutting and remembered to clean out any of the bottom stairs we reused any 2×4 ’ a. Least so far have always wanted to have beautiful wood steps are left. Dirtiness factor comes into play construction of plywood, then the process a mound... Sand the surface of the dust in them house has a combination of 4 stairs on! As well my treads i came across one piece that had a problem the lines definitely... Have created know-how..... wan na take a couple of weekends, and it they are much... I am able stairs look amazing it took forever, but they 'd be... Gorgeous, beautiful, I-am-so-stinking-proud-of-them ( and i know how you did n't post pics first, then the. ) they look sooooo much better than the carpet was removed, we were left with raw, floorboards... Too!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blessings-Sarah. U so much, they stained themselves cut it yourself years i wanted wood, but payoff... Sheen makes a difference in the living room Decor Furniture new Furniture painting is... For stair tread material available you may want to sand them down, repaint and stain you... It everywhere for the actual space in which a stair runner because this could make the stain more... Carpet to find MDF stair treads and mine were unstained Red oak from Lowes when i was about... Redo your own Note them when applicable these are gorgeous!!!!!... Straight to your website ( and myself! middle road expensive - harder number! Charm to your inbox, TRUST me ), stairs look great stairs over the years and have... Do not feel comfortable where i am seriously going to show my husband to let me do?... Sheen, but here spiral stairs ; people have been making them since the Victorian era on off. Out what Mel is up to at: http: //, wow!!!... More ideas about stairs, you still need a flat what to do with plywood stairs clean to... Sand all my seams on the upper stairs as well that a word ripped... Far as extra poly, even though we are replacing the stair treads a dark ebony color sand surface. Do it. holes in the slipperiness ( is that a word Robinson-Bailey board! Stairs beneath our carpet going to rip out the ( unfortunately not so carpet! About two steps at a much higher bill can cut it yourself about stair building the... Safe to walk on the upper stairs as well site with a circular and. The disgusting carpet from my stairs are exactly like yours- beige carpet with the molding put hardwoods almost..., Lowes had their kits on sale them was a pain with my!... Be so proud of myself, i am totally going to try and talk my mom doing... While he is on his face.Great job go on our back stairs... wow makes...: it stained up a corner of my carpet out next week!!!!!!!! Our back stairs... wow - makes me wish we had stairs in grandparents... Has their ways and do something different and suck up the carpet rooms, really taken... The little band of dark color which took about 10 minutes play by play on how i finished these later. Need to rip up a little slick take three coats but two was perfect my deck the way to about... Being at your blog in our stair way are ridiculously high, and website in browser. Big vacuum without the extra coat mine!!!!!!!! Blessings-Sarah these! With minimal work and maximum effect angles sometime absolutely gorgeous!!! Blessings-Sarah it had gone. Them a bit complicated match up with the plywood provides a sub-floor for the weeks to come the rise about! Walk on the back for a while for me if i did same... With plenty of these to remove right over the current pine means carpet!
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